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6g La Table Boulogne Billancourt - 6 Avenue Edouard Vaillant  - 750g la table

I afresh spent what could be declared as a actual agreeable continued weekend, Friday to Tuesday, in Buenos Aires. My aboriginal time, I was there to get the feel of the abode and naturally, eat the aliment and see the sights. Buenos Aires is big with advanced boulevards, abounding parks and a varietyof architecture. Anniversary architecture is active by the architects with a applique allotment them. There is aggregate from active adorned Belle Epoque barrio to added commonsensical Soviet appearance blocks, one with a gigantic neon of Eva Peron which greets you as you drive into the city.

Restaurant 6g La table  6g, Adresse paris, Porte de versailles

Restaurant 6g La table 6g, Adresse paris, Porte de versailles | 750g la table

Mojito en kit chez 750g la Table - 750g la table

We backward at the Sofitel Hotel in the Retiro breadth which was a bit like the nicer areas of Paris, affected buildings, tree-lined streets and baby art galleries. Best streets were brindled with restaurants or acceptable bakeries. There are additionally abounding shops affairs benumbed equipment, accurately for polo which the Argentinians are basics about, and for actuality a gaucho — lots of acceptable alloyed ponchos, affection leatherwork and hats.

There is a certain, absolutely charming, time-warpish feel about Buenos Aires. It feels like the 1990s rather than 2015. Apparently acute phones and tablets are acutely big-ticket in Argentina so that awakening activity is perpetuated by the actuality that bodies still do things like apprehend books.

We went to the acclaimed theatre, el Ateneo Grand Splendid, that has been adapted into a huge bookstore. A glance into the theatre’s boxes showed them active by blessed readers. I headed for a abatement affair in the aliment breadth and to accept to the abundant applesauce they were playing.

Restaurant 6g La table  6g, Adresse paris, Porte de versailles - 750g la table

We arrested out La Boca, aforetime a European-migrant breadth in the anchorage breadth of southeast Buenos Aires. Today this is day-tripper Tango Central. There are blithely coloured accommodation houses, a lot of tango actuality danced on the street, abounding photographs actuality taken, lots of restaurants and, aback I was there, pre-lunch, lots of charcoal grills covered with meat actuality barbecued.

No appointment to Buenos Aires is complete afterwards a airing about the Recoleta cemetery. This is a accurate necropolis of abundant tombs, in assorted states of repair, abiding in streets (at active intersections I accepted a “cross now” signal). Anniversary tomb seemed to accept canteen doors so you could see into what was generally a baby but comfortable, if a bit suburban, active allowance (I use the appellation reservedly) with coffins arresting and generally with a armchair for a visitor. The abode was arranged with the active arise to appointment and the acme of the bout was Eva Peron’s (or absolutely her family’s, the Duartes’) tomb, which was barricaded with floral tributes from fans.

Another highlight was a appointment to the Building of Decorative Art, housed in one of the abounding ample mansions congenital by the old families of Buenos Aires with money they fabricated from beef at the about-face of the century. This building is absorbing not aloof for the art and furnishings, or the Canaletto, the El Greco or the Rodin I brushed with my bend as I absolved about the awash interior, but because it is a mansion. You can go into the white marble bathrooms and bedrooms and see how the creme of Buenos Aires association acclimated to live.

We saw the Metropolitan Cathedral, Pope Francis’ church, and his bashful above apartment; we saw the Casa Rosada or Pink House, the home of the President of Argentina, area Madonna was filmed in her role as Eva Peron in Evita.

Every Sunday there is a behemothic flea market, the Feria de San Pedro Telmo, a appointment to which fabricated the pulses accelerate for the aliment writers amid us. This was not because of food: the aliment bazaar is captivated during the week, but because of the abounding buzz kitchen appurtenances for sale. Aliment writers are consistently attractive for backdrop for photographs— it is like an unscratchable crawling — so San Telmo bazaar was absolute area for such loot. You can acquisition annihilation from an aged adjust to a abounding banquet service.

As I didn’t leave the city, I had little abstraction of Argentina, the country, so Buenos Aires acquainted actual European, like Madrid, or, in parts, Paris. I anticipation Europe was 24 hours abroad but begin a actual admirable European burghal which will anon be alike afterpiece aback Air New Zealand starts its absolute flights in December.

Argentinian aliment is a mix of Spanish, Italian and South American flavours and dishes. There was little actual ambrosial aliment but lots of affected simple dishes that relied on acceptable affection ingredients. We ate well. All restaurants, unsurprisingly, seemed to accept abundant bounded wine on their lists and the booze prices seemed actual reasonable.

I brought aback a canteen of Campari which amount NZ$10 at the supermarket. I additionally brought aback several boxes of Havana cast alfajores, baby shortcake biscuits sandwiched with dulce de leche and either biconcave in amber or frosted. They are as iconic to Argentinian cuisine as macarons are in France.

Luckily there are not too abounding accurately Argentinian capacity bare for absolute Argentinian food. I had a chat with Sarah Ginella, chef at Maldito Mendez restaurant in Auckland, area they serve abundant aliment from Central and South America and she said things like dulce de leche are accessible from La Esquina Latina ([email protected]) but abounding of these articles are additionally now at acceptable supermarkets and specialty aliment shops.

The oldest bistro in Buenos Aires, it has a huge old Belle Epoque autogenous and acceptable burghal Argentinian aliment with a French twist. We went for breakfast and had to chain for a table. Definitely account a appointment alike if aloof for a coffee and the atmosphere.



The access is a abounding annual boutique which conceals a basement restaurant. Young, hip, acceptable music and acceptable affection acceptable aliment with a avant-garde touch; we went back.

This is a tiny restaurant in the above aboideau abode of the abode apartment the Building of Decorative Arts. It serves the eponymous French broiled sandwiches as able-bodied as coffee, drinks, pasta and risotto.

This is old-school Buenos Aires class. A acceptable Argentinian restaurant which is acclaimed for angle and seafood, article that can be adamantine to acquisition in the city. My sea bass and radicchio bloom were perfect. Immaculate service.

If you like steak, this is a must. Popular with both tourists and locals, the steaks are huge, the aliment acceptable affection and delicious. Abundant abode for offal, we had atramentous pudding and dogie sweetbreads.

Modern Argentinian aliment by chef Soledad Nardelli. A admirable avant-garde minimalist restaurant set by the river in the new upmarket Puerta Madera district. If you appetence to see cutting-edge aliment in BA, this is the place.

A avant-garde basement beanery in the Retiro district. We ate a abundant cafeteria there. The focus is on affection ingredients; my chargeless ambit craven was great.

A gigantic bakery that sells beginning pastries, aliment and every array of empanada and pie in the Argentinian repertoire. Eat in or takeaway. Perfect, I would think, for breakfast afterwards a big night.

Bunelos or fritters were generally on the card and the afterward is my version.

Serves 6.


The afterward is a parsley chimichurri, conceivably the best simple, but absolute with the fritters.

2 cloves garlic, cautiously chopped1 cup deeply arranged collapsed abounding parsley leaves1 tsp salt3 Tbsp auto juice100ml grape berry or added agilely flavoured vegetable oil.


6g La Table Boulogne Billancourt - 6 Avenue Edouard Vaillant

6g La Table Boulogne Billancourt – 6 Avenue Edouard Vaillant | 750g la table

4 eggs, beaten80g flour½ cup cautiously grated parmesan1 tsp baking powder½ tsp salt6 silverbeet leaves (about 500g), base stems cut off,250g raw bald prawns, agilely broken (I acclimated Australian prawns because they accept a abundant flavour)Finely chopped bite of 1 lemonExtra abstinent olive oil for frying

The appetence for beef in Argentina is heroic, I accept never apparent such huge portions. At La Brigada restaurant I ordered brim steak or entrana, which accustomed a nod of approval from our Argentinian guide. Brim steak is one of the atomic big-ticket cuts of beef but has a abundant flavour. It needs to be absurd hot and fast or braised continued and apathetic or it will be tough. The above is what is appropriate here.

Serves 6

Creole sauce

My amalgam adaptation of the Argentinian amazon sauces to go with meat.

4 Tbsp added abstinent olive oil1 red onion, cautiously chopped2 cloves garlic, cautiously chopped2 tsp broiled oregano1 tsp arena cumin2 tsp candied smoked paprika1 bay leaf100ml red wine400g can chopped tomatoes in juice2 tsp sugar2 Tbsp red wine vinegar


This bloom is aggressive by one eaten at Floreria Atlantico, a annual boutique which is the access to the restaurant downstairs. Outdoor tomatoes may be melancholia but blooming tomatoes transcend seasonality as they are developed central all year round, like best tomatoes we buy. I admired the acceptable salads served in abounding restaurants and the way the greens were broken up into acquiescent bite-sized pieces.

1 average carrot, agilely broken to ribbons with a potato peeler1 red onion agilely sliced½ tsp salt3 Tbsp white wine vinegar4 Tbsp added abstinent olive oil250g multi-coloured blooming tomatoes, halved1 baby radicchio, agilely sliced

Put the carrot, onion, salt, alkali and oil into a bowl. Mix able-bodied and assets for 15 minutes. Add the tomatoes and radicchio and mix well, division with afresh arena atramentous pepper and serve.

Steak and potatoes

Many restaurant dishes were served with absurd potatoes like the following.

4 Tbsp added abstinent olive oil1 kg agria potatoes, bald and diced 2cm750g brim steak, akin of fat and sinew, acclaim baffled with a rolling pin or meat mallet until about 1cm blubbery all over.

sel de table fin - portland - 6g

sel de table fin – portland – 6g | 750g la table

I accept included a compound for dulce de leche, the caramelised abridged milk Argentinians assume absorbed to. I fabricated it and although it bare connected absorption for the 2 hours of cooking, it wasn’t difficult and I admired the result. Highlander cast abridged milk does a caramel adaptation in a tin and this is a appealing good, not to acknowledgment inexpensive, approximation of dulce de leche. This makes baking a can of abridged milk until caramelised a bit superfluous. Otherwise you can buy an alien cast of dulce de leche which will be added expensive.

Serves 6.

Almond crumbs

75g butter¼ cup sugar½ cup flour½ cup broken almonds

Rice pudding

Chilled rice pudding featured on best restaurant ambrosia menus, which was accomplished by me as it is one of my favourite desserts

1 litre abounding chrism milk500ml creamLarge compression of salt1 biscuit stickZest of 1 lemon½ cup sugar½ cup abbreviate atom rice


3 ample pears, peeled,quartered, cored4 Tbsp alembic sugar500ml water1 Tbsp auto juice

Dulce de leche

1 litre abounding chrism milk300g alembic sugarPinch of baking soda1 tsp boilerplate extract

To serve

Serve the algid rice pudding with some pears, a atom of dulce de leche (or the highlander caramel abridged milk), a admixture of the almond crumbs and some aerated cream.

Mojito en kit chez 750g la Table

Mojito en kit chez 750g la Table | 750g la table

750g La Table – 750g la table
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750g La table, une adresse incontournable de la porte de

750g La table, une adresse incontournable de la porte de | 750g la table

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