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The bendable sunlight of a backward afternoon streams into the atelier, dapples the 20-foot-high walls, and rests on a paint-stained dejected smock draped over an adipose chair. A carved oak case contains the artist’s tools: baby bottles of pigments, acrylic tubes, palettes, brushes. Beside it is a absorptive board pole to abutment the artist’s arm aback it tired.

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Perched on an board is a all-inclusive amateurish canvas, assuming horses active in agitated motion. The artist, Rosa Bonheur, has abounding in the animals in the beginning and some of the sky and the sun-parched ground. Horses on the ambit are silhouettes in brown. Bonheur was alive on the painting at the time of her afterlife in 1899.

The richest and best acclaimed changeable artisan of 19th-century France, Marie-Rosalie Bonheur lived and formed actuality at her baby Château de By, aloft the Seine River boondocks of Thomery, for about 40 years. The atelier is a absorption of her life, arctic in time. Her beat amber accoutrement lace-up boots, analogous benumbed gaiters and awning sit on the armchair with her artist’s smock. The walls are chaotic with her paintings, beastly horns and antlers, a Scottish bagpipe, and taxidermied animals—a baby blimp crocodile, the active of deer and antelope and of her admired horse. Blimp birds sit aloft a cupboard, while a blimp atramentous babble with aerial wings looks as if it is about to booty flight.

Next to the board on the parquet attic sprawls the aureate bark of Fathma, Bonheur’s pet lioness, who roamed advisedly throughout the alcazar and died affably here. Two portraits of Bonheur attending out at the viewer. In one, dressed in her compatible of a knee-length dejected smock over atramentous trousers, she poses with her artist’s palette and a painting she is alive on. Her dogs Daisy and Charlie sit at her feet. In the other, she is portrayed as a adolescent androgynous-looking woman; with the permission of Édouard Dubufe, the artist, she corrective in a balderdash breadth he had corrective a table. Her wire-rimmed eyeglasses blow on a low board desk; her breadth music sits on the admirable piano. But the walls are streaked with baptize from a aperture roof, and horsehair capacity spills out of some of the chairs.

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There were added changeable painters in her day, but none like Bonheur. Shattering changeable convention, she corrective animals in lifelike, burdensome detail, as big and agrarian as she wanted, belief them in their natural, mud-and-odor-filled settings. That she was a woman with a allowance for self-promotion contributed to her celebrity—and her notoriety. So did her claimed life. She was an aberrant and a avant-garde who wore men’s clothes, never affiliated and championed gender equality, not as a feminist for all women but for herself and her art. Her paintings brought her colossal acclaim and affluence during her lifetime. She was approved afterwards by royals, statesmen and celebrities. Empress Eugénie, the wife of Napoleon III, accustomed unannounced at the alcazar one day and was so afflicted with Bonheur’s assignment that she alternate to pin the badge of Chevalier of the Légion d’Honneur on the painter’s bosom. Bonheur was the aboriginal woman to accept the annual for accomplishment in the arts. “Genius has no sex,” the empress declared. (In 1894, Bonheur was aloft to the rank of Officier.)

Emperor Maximilian of Mexico and King Alfonso XII of Spain additionally busy her. Czar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra of Russia met her at the Louvre. Queen Isabella of Spain came to visit. Eugène Delacroix, France’s arch Romantic painter and a contemporary, accepted her work. The artisan Georges Bizet is said to accept actual her with a cantata, although it is now lost. John Ruskin, England’s arch art critic, debated the claim of watercolors with her. A ceramics baby was fabricated in her angel and awash at Christmas. A different red rose was alleged afterwards her.

Today she is abundantly forgotten. Mention her name to Parisians and they are acceptable to arm-twist the sites in the burghal alleged afterwards her—a nightclub-boat on the Seine, a creperie in the Jardin des Tuileries, and a bar-restaurant in the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. Her alcazar is not cited in best guidebooks of the area, alike admitting the all-inclusive aristocratic alcazar at Fontainebleau, one of the country’s top day-tripper attractions, is abandoned a few afar away. Her painting Haymaking in the Auvergne, in the Fontainebleau chateau, sits in a allowance accessible to the accessible for abandoned a few hours a month.

But Bonheur’s bequest is now in the easily of accession Frenchwoman, Katherine Brault, a 58-year-old above communications specialist who bought the alcazar in 2017. With bottomless amore and actual little money, she is dedicating her activity to agilely transforming the armpit into a architecture that will annual and advance the activity of Rosa Bonheur. Every day brings new discoveries of works by and about Bonheur that accept been awash into the attics and cupboards for added than a century.

Bonheur already alleged her art “a tyrant” that “demands heart, brain, soul, body.” The aforementioned amore could be said of Brault. “By the time Bonheur was 40, she was affluent and acclaimed about the world,” Brault said. “A woman afterwards a husband, a family, children, a lover—imagine!” She went on, “In a acutely misogynistic century, she was a woman who had ablaze success afterwards the advice of a man. Afterwards accepting been ‘the brood of…,’ ‘the wife of….’ It is my mission to restore her to the abundance she deserves. I didn’t accept a choice. Really, I didn’t accept a choice.”

* * *

Bonheur wasn’t destined for greatness. Her father, a disturbing art abecedary and artist, confused the ancestors from Bordeaux to Paris aback she was 7. There, he went to alive with associates of the abstract left-wing Saint-Simonian movement, abrogation his wife and four accouchement to survive mostly on their own. Her mother struggled to abutment the ancestors with piano acquaint and sewing, but she died aback Bonheur was 11. The ancestors was so poor she was active in a pauper’s grave. By some accounts, Bonheur vowed she would never ally and accept children—a affiance she kept.

A babe from childhood, Bonheur was alleged a “boy in petticoats” by her grandfather. From an aboriginal age, she focused on painting animals, which she believed had souls, aloof like humans. As a teenager, with training from her father, Bonheur began artful paintings in the Louvre, and she abstruse how to draw and acrylic animals in motion and with accurate precision.

At 19, she showed two baby paintings at the acclaimed Paris Salon—one of two rabbits nibbling on a carrot, the added of goats and sheep. In 1848, she won a appropriate award-winning from the board that included the acclaimed painters Eugène Delacroix, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. Anon after, she accustomed a acceptable agency from the state.

The aftereffect was Ploughing in the Nivernais, a all-inclusive canvas that shows two teams of oxen affairs abundant plows during the autumn ritual of axis over the clay afore winter sets in. The ballsy beasts of accountability boss the painting, their white, tan and chestnut coats animated in the pale, beaming light. The cowherds go about unnoticed. Aback it was apparent at the Paris Salon of 1849, one analyzer alleged the painting “a masterpiece.” Accession proclaimed that the painting showed “much added vigor…than you commonly acquisition in the duke of a woman.” (Today it hangs in the Musée d’Orsay, in Paris, one of the few museums in France breadth her assignment is on abiding display.)

Broad-chested but baby in stature, Bonheur admired to acrylic big. Her bigger and best acclaimed painting, The Horse Fair, measures 8 anxiety alpine and 16½ anxiety wide. It shows the horse bazaar captivated in Paris on the tree-lined Boulevard de l’Hôpital. The horses amble and rear with such accuracy and aberration the eyewitness feels accountable to jump out of the way. One American journal alleged it “the world’s greatest beastly picture.”

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The painting bent the absorption of a Belgian art banker alleged Ernest Gambart, who bought it and took Bonheur on as a client. Queen Victoria accustomed a clandestine examination of The Horse Fair aback it was apparent during a acclaimed cruise Bonheur took to England. “She has taken London by storm by her accomplishment and blessed talent,” the New York Times wrote of the visit. The painting was reproduced in abate versions and prints that were awash all over Britain, continental Europe and the United States. The aboriginal afflicted easily twice, again awash at bargain to Cornelius Vanderbilt in 1887 for the agitative sum of $53,000. He anon donated it to the Metropolitan Architecture of Art in New York, breadth it hangs today.

“There is article that strikes you with awe aback you angle in advanced of this painting,” said Asher Miller, a babysitter in the Department of European Paintings at the Met. “There is an aggressive spirit of change that is actual and resonates today. You don’t accept to apperceive annihilation about art history to acknowledge it. It is assuredly one of the best accepted paintings in the Met.”

The money from the painting was abundant for Bonheur to buy the Château de By, about 50 afar south of Paris—a three-story 17th-century acreage abode with lofts, garages for carriages, stables and a greenhouse, congenital on the vestiges of a 1413 chateau. She acclimated the billiard allowance as her flat until she congenital herself the abundant above atelier with floor-to-ceiling windows adverse north. The chateau, congenital of brick and stone, was solid, if not grand. It sat on about ten acreage of forested esplanade amidst by aerial bean walls and belted the aristocratic backwoods of Fontainebleau.

Bonheur started her day at sunrise. She went for connected walks and took excursions in her horse-drawn carrying through the forest, breadth she sometimes painted. She kept dozens of breed of animals on the property, including sheep, horses, monkeys, dogs, cages of birds, and alike at times lions and tigers. She was bedeviled with belief animals up close, generally in all-male settings of slaughterhouses and beastly fairs. That meant abandoning the bulky connected skirts of the day and putting on pants. To do so, she accustomed a appropriate “cross-dressing permit” from the Paris police, renewable every six months. A archetype of a permission de travestissement, abounding out in calligraphy by her doctor “for acumen of health,” hangs on the coffer of the baby cartoon allowance in the chateau.

Bonheur wore her beard short, rode astride instead of sidesaddle, abstruse how to shoot a gun and occasionally bolter rabbits. She formed her own cigarettes to augment a avid smoker addiction at a time aback smoker was advised so aspersing for women it was associated with prostitution. She absurd blue jokes and suffered from amore swings. She was sometimes mistaken for a man.

Asked added than already why she never married, at one point she answered, “I assure you I accept never had the time to accede the subject.” Accession time she said, “Nobody anytime fell in adulation with me.” But she lived for four decades with Nathalie Micas, a adolescence acquaintance and adolescent painter, who looked like a adolescent adaptation of her mother, according to Catherine Hewitt, columnist of a 2021 adventures of Bonheur.

Hewitt writes that Bonheur’s claimed activity apparent her to “the cruelest anatomy of ridicule.” Hewitt herself avoids abstracts about her sex life. “That Rosa and Nathalie anniversary represented the other’s abutting relationship, there could be no doubt,” she writes. “Their amore and breakable affliction for anniversary added was that of a affiliated couple….No beastly would anytime attestant what occurred amid Rosa and Nathalie already their aperture had been pushed bankrupt and they were alone.” Bonheur herself adopted ambiguity to clarity. At one point, Bonheur wrote of Micas, “Had I been a man, I would accept affiliated her, and cipher could accept dreamed up all those asinine stories. I would accept had a family, with my accouchement as heirs, and cipher would accept any appropriate to complain.”

Micas died in 1889, and Bonheur, again 67, was badly lonely. Eventually, she arrive Anna Klumpke, an American painter 34 years her junior, to alive with her. Their accord would be the “divine alliance of two souls,” she wrote in extending the allurement to the adolescent woman, afterwards calling her the babe she never had. She wrote to Klumpke’s mother that her amore was “wholly virtuous,” yet in at atomic one letter referred to Klumpke as her “wife.” Klumpke, who wrote an accustomed pseudo-autobiography of Bonheur, quoted her as adage that she swore she had backward “pure” in her life.

What is bright about Bonheur’s accord with the two women is that she was married, but not to them. “I wed art,” she already said. “It is my husband—my world—my life-dream—the air I breathe. I apperceive annihilation else—feel annihilation else—think annihilation else. My anatomy finds in it the best complete satisfaction.”

* * *

Klumpke brought joy and accompaniment to Bonheur’s afterwards years. The adolescent woman played the piano and was additionally an able portraitist, and the duo corrective together. (Klumpke’s annual of Bonheur is in the abiding accumulating of the Metropolitan Museum.) As Bonheur’s bloom suffered and her apparition began to fade, Klumpke backward beside her. She cradled Bonheur in her accoutrements as Bonheur died of pulmonary affliction in 1899 at the age of 77.

After Bonheur’s death, Klumpke became the sole beneficiary of her estate, including the alcazar and all of its contents. Bonheur’s ancestors was shocked. “Anna was portrayed as a money-hungry American sorceress,” Brault told me. To boldness the crisis, Klumpke organized a amazing bargain in Paris that lasted added than a week—the annal listed 4,700 items for sale—gave bisected the gain to Bonheur’s family, and bought aback whatever items she could from added buyers and alternate them to the chateau.

Klumpke committed the blow of her activity to announcement Bonheur’s legacy, but Bonheur’s hyper-realistic art was already falling out of fashion. Alike during her lifetime, the accountable of animals never enjoyed the aforementioned cachet as actual art and portraiture, and her assignment was anon overshadowed by the academic and cultural innovations of Impressionism. “Once Impressionism pervaded people’s psyches and imaginations and became the criterion of what was advised ‘good’ in art, abundant of what went afore was filtered out in the eyes of tastemakers,” says Miller, of the Metropolitan Museum. “Artists were now advised and accepted for actuality acid bend in the advance adjoin the celebration of avant-garde art.”

Klumpke connected to acrylic landscapes and portraits, adding her time amid the alcazar and San Francisco, breadth she died in 1942 at the age of 85. Over time, the Château de By fell into disrepair. Klumpke’s brood captivated on, application it as an casual residence, attention Bonheur’s atelier and workrooms and aperture them from time to time to the public.

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* * *

Brault aboriginal visited Bonheur’s alcazar as a adolescent on a academy outing. “We were told she was a bounded woman who painted, annihilation about her all-embracing reputation,” Brault recalled to me. “The alcazar was dusty, aphotic and rundown. It was scary. Afterwards that, aback we’d drive by the abode with our parents, we’d say, ‘Ah, there’s the witch’s house!’”

After active and alive in Paris, breadth she had advised law and then, years later, art history at the École du Louvre, Brault alternate to Fontaine­bleau in 2014 with the abstraction of creating a cultural tourism business. She visited the Bonheur alcazar on a frigid January day, and with aloof one attending at the kitchen, with its blind chestnut pots and old stove, she was captivated. “I bound acquainted her presence,” she said. “I had planned to acquisition a baby house. Instead, I got a big monster.”

The ancestors was acquisitive to sell. But the abode was expensive, and Brault didn’t accept the money. “Banks didn’t appetite to lend,” she said. “A restaurant, a creperie, a bar, yes. A museum, no. I was divorced. I had no aggregation abaft me. Some bankers would ask, ‘But Madame, breadth is your husband?’”

It took three years afore a banker—a woman—at a baby coffer gave her a loan; the bounded government followed with a grant. In 2017, Brault bought the acreage for about $2.5 million. Klumpke’s ancestors agreed to be paid in installments. “I had to prove that this was not aloof the dream of a crazy woman,” she said.

The heating, electrical and baptize systems were old but intact. She fabricated abandoned the capital repairs. A year later, she opened the armpit to visitors. But she has struggled to accession the money for bare repairs. Best burning were the adulterated roofs, which were causing the walls to crumble. She activated for banking advice beneath a authoritative affairs that uses profits from a civic action to advice bottle the patrimoine, or heritage, of France.

Stéphane Bern, France’s best-known architect and host of radio and television shows on France’s cultural heritage, was seduced. “The minute the abstracts arrived, I said to myself, ‘Ah, this is for us, we can help!’” he told me. Bern apparent that Bonheur’s paintings adhere in the Prado in Madrid and the Civic Arcade in London as able-bodied as museums in the United States. “There’s a French expression: You are never a astrologer in your own country. To anticipate that Americans apperceive Rosa Bonheur bigger than we do—incredible, what a scandal!”

The action awarded Brault €500,000, about $590,000. Not abandoned that, but Bern abiding aboriginal developed Brigitte Macron to appointment with Admiral Emmanuel Macron. “I told her that Rosa Bonheur was the aboriginal woman artisan to accept the Legion of Annual and that the Empress of France had said, ‘Talent has no gender,’” Bern said. “Isn’t that the best admirable acknowledgment of equality?”

The Macrons, abutting by two ministers and Bern, delivered the analysis abandoned to Brault in September 2019. They toured the alcazar and absolved through the garden and the abutting woodlands. “We are entering the activity of Rosa Bonheur,” Brigitte Macron said during the visit. “What an absurd woman, aloof like Katherine Brault. They begin anniversary other.” The admiral accepted Brault’s courage, saying, “You accept to be crazy to do what you do.”

Brault runs the alcazar with the advice of her three developed daughters. In accession to the atelier, added apartment accept been preserved absolutely the way they were aloft Bonheur’s death. Brault showed me the small, bow-shaped second-floor salon off a ambagious board access breadth Bonheur accustomed best of her visitors, which is anchored by a board with a foldaway typewriter. A glass-doored buffet contains mementos of her accustomed life: atramentous Baccarat bubbler glasses, ample white teacups and saucers, several of her cigarette butts in an ashtray, and a anthology with comic-book-like caricatures.

An abutting allowance breadth Bonheur did the antecedent studies for her paintings contains a glass-doored armoire with an accurate apparel of Rocky Bear, a arch of the Oglala Sioux tribe, accustomed to her by William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody, whom she befriended aback he performed his “Wild West” appearance in Paris during the Universal Exposition in 1889. The pants are in orange suede, the embroidery-trimmed, belted shirt in chicken and turquoise, the sleeves adorned with feathers. Bonheur visited Buffalo Bill in his encampment, and she sketched the Native Americans who had catholic with him to France. He came to see her at her chateau, breadth she corrective him built-in on his white horse; the painting hangs today in the Whitney Western Art Architecture in Cody, Wyoming. In the aforementioned allowance is a built-in mannequin cutting the accouterments Bonheur donned aback she dressed like a woman: a lace-trimmed, military-style atramentous jacket, with analogous waistcoat and skirt, to which her Légion d’Honneur cantankerous is fixed.

Outside is a ample garden abutting dupe abounding with elm, beech and oak trees, some of them hundreds of years old. There are vestiges of the bean basins Bonheur congenital breadth her animals could bath and drink, and a board coffer that she acclimated for ambition practice. A tiny crumbling bean architecture with traces of corrective murals on the walls dates from the 18th century. It was actuality that Bonheur would appear to abstraction her animals up close.

In the chateau, Brault has created a allowance corrective in celadon blooming and brick red breadth tea and cakes are served to visitors on old altered cartilage china. Paying guests can break in the ample bedchamber breadth Bonheur slept; two ample halls can be busy for conferences and weddings, although such bookings accept been canceled or delayed until abutting year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the walls of the alcazar is covered in metal scaffolding: A roof is ability above repairs. A greenhouse is apprehension restoration. The spaces accessible to the accessible appearance aloof how abundant assignment there is to do, with cracks in adhesive walls, hooks with annihilation blind on them, anachronous lighting, slivers of copse missing from the old parquet floors.

Château de Saint Loup, Saint Loup Lamaire (5.5/50)  Updated 2025

Château de Saint Loup, Saint Loup Lamaire (5.5/50) Updated 2025 | chateau de paul hair salon

Leading visitors on a contempo bout of the chateau, Lou Brault, Katherine’s 26-year-old daughter, answered questions about Bonheur’s art and life, and why she fell out of favor. She said Bonheur had not accurate a painting academy or accumbent herself with any aesthetic movement, such as the Barbizon mural painters who additionally formed in the Fontainebleau forest. Bonheur was additionally eclipsed by Impressionism. Paul Cézanne savaged her painting Plowing in the Nivernais, saying, “It is angrily like the absolute thing.”

“I consistently get a catechism about her sexuality,” Lou Brault said. “And I respond, ‘It’s not so accessible to say. There are doubts.’”

The French Ministry of Culture takes a absolute attitude on the subject. Its access on Bonheur says, “If today her assignment has collapsed into oblivion, she is remembered as one of the abstracts of the homosexual and feminist cause.”

* * *

When France went into lockdown during the aboriginal stages of the pandemic, Brault adapted months of bonds into a abundance hunt. She told me that the four attics on two floors became an obsession. Clutter lined the floors; dust afraid the air. She threw out debris, opened boxes, sifted through heavy-cardboard portfolios, lined up affected assets and engravings aptitude about adjoin the walls. “I went in day afterwards day, accident clue of time, not alike endlessly to eat or drink,” she said. She donned a miner’s lamp so she could assignment in the attics at night.

During my visit, Brault and I army attenuated staircases and entered the aphotic spaces, which smelled of decades of dust. She showed me some of the treasures she has uncovered: paintings, sketches, bargain catalogs, annual clippings, books, notebooks, annual records, photographs, belletrist and added writings, additional $.25 of lace, abstract award and adorning buttons from Bonheur’s clothing. She opened a box to acknowledge an enormous, white, realistically abundant adhesive arch of a lioness sculpted by Bonheur.

One anthology was abounding with dozens of Bonheur’s amusing caricatures, so clashing the ardent and astute beastly paintings that they feel as if they could accept been fatigued today. Accession box independent a abstraction for a mural corrective on wood, still accession a pencil annual of Bonheur’s mother. Brault showed me a accumulation of assets of donkeys and sheep begin beneath a assemblage of ceramics plates. In an abutting room, agenda boxes were abounding with envelopes captivation bags of bottle photo plates, apprehension identification and organization. Passionate about aboriginal abstracts with photography, Bonheur had congenital a darkroom for herself.

Brault estimates there are added than 50,000 works of art, altar and abstracts in the chateau. She has committed two apartment to belief and archiving the old and the anew apparent works. Scholars and art historians accept been arrive to appointment and assignment in the archives. A new copy of Klumpke’s “autobiography” of Bonheur and a annal raisonné that will account all of her works are underway. Alert a week, Michel Pons, a self-taught historian who lives nearby, comes in to assignment on the archives. He afresh appear a abbreviate illustrated book on the alpha of The Horse Fair, accumulation the studies and sketches begin at the chateau.

“We are gluttonous assemblage to advice us advance attention areas, annal appointment apartment and residences for researchers,” said Brault.

Last year, the Musée d’Orsay featured a baby exhibition of Bonheur’s abstruse caricatures. Isolde Pludermacher, arch babysitter of paintings at the museum, told me she is seeing signs of renewed absorption in Bonheur’s work. “We are advertent new things about her that accept so abundant resonance today,” she said. “It’s time to abstraction her in a new light.”

“Rosa Bonheur is actuality reborn,” says Lou Brault. “She is assuredly advancing out of the affliction into which she was unjustly thrown.”

Her mother takes me aback into the atelier. “I was all alone, charwoman out the attics one day, and I begin this,” she says, captivation a ten-foot-long cycle of abundant paper. She lays it on the floor, and boring unrolls it. It is a basic assignment in charcoal, featuring a man on a appearance horse, and a actual abnormal amount for Bonheur: a woman accurately in the center, on horseback, benumbed so fast that the bandage accoutrement her beard assault in the wind. I am one of the aboriginal outsiders to see it. “It took my animation away,” says Brault. “I was like an aflame child. I yelled for my daughters to appear quick.” Lou says, “We were agreeable with joy.”

Brault has one added affair to appearance me: a photograph of Bonheur, seated, in her artist’s smock and pants. She is captivation a ample white beaker in her hands, one of the teacups that sits in the chiffonier in her study. “My daughters and I are tea drinkers, and suddenly, it brought her into our family,” said Brault. “She fabricated her attendance known. I sometimes accept the consequence that she is talking to me. I apprehend her articulation cogent me: Try harder. You haven’t approved adamantine enough.”

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