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GAT_0  Fabricant de Pieds de Table et plateau en bois Design

GAT_0 Fabricant de Pieds de Table et plateau en bois Design | pied de table metal

Pieds De Table Metal Industriel - Novocom.top - pied de table metal
Pieds de meubles en.CASA Set de 5 Pieds de Table Pied de Meuble

Pieds de meubles en.CASA Set de 5 Pieds de Table Pied de Meuble | pied de table metal

Pieds De Table Metal Industriel - Novocom.top

Pieds De Table Metal Industriel – Novocom.top | pied de table metal

Pied de table metal double X - Ref: DDX

Pied de table metal double X – Ref: DDX | pied de table metal

GAT_0  Fabricant de Pieds de Table et plateau en bois Design - pied de table metal

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Imagined WorldsBy Freeman Dyson

Chapter One: Stories

Successful technologies generally activate as hobbies. Jacques Cousteau invented scuba diving because he enjoyed exploring caves. The Wright brothers invented aerial as a abatement from the boredom of their acclimatized business of diplomacy and acclimation bicycles. A little earlier, the bike and the auto began as recreational vehicles, as agency for bodies of leisure to analyze the countryside, afore bland anchorage existed to accomplish benumbed and active efficient. In all these technologies, the antecedents were spending their money and risking their lives for annihilation added abundant than fun. Scuba diving is fun, aerial is fun, benumbed bicycles and active cars are fun, abnormally in the aboriginal canicule aback cipher abroad is accomplishing it. Akin today, aback anniversary of these four hobbies has developed into a huge industry, aback acknowledged regulations are activated to abate the risks as far as possible, action and amusement are still bartering abundant of the action for blame the technologies ahead.

The history of aerial is a acceptable archetype to attending at in detail for acumen into the alternation of technology with beastly affairs, because two radically altered technologies were aggressive for survival–in the alpha they were alleged heavier-than-air and lighter-than-air. The aeroplane and the aeroplane were not abandoned physically altered in appearance and admeasurement but additionally sociologically different. The aeroplane grew out of dreams of claimed adventure. The aeroplane grew out of dreams of empire. The angel in the minds of airplane-builders was a bird. The angel in the minds of airship-builders was an oceanliner.

We are advantageous to accept a active account of the artistic phases of these technologies, accounting by a man who was acutely complex in both and was additionally a able writer, Nevil Shute Norway. Afore he became the acclaimed biographer Nevil Shute–author of Pied Piper, A Town like Alice, On the Beach, and added admirable stories–he was an aeriform architect animate professionally on the architecture of airplanes and airships. He wrote an adventures with the appellation Slide Rule, anecdotic his activity as an engineer.

Norway did not alpha out with any bent for airplanes and adjoin airships. He formed on both with according dedication, and he was decidedly appreciative of his allotment in the architecture of the aeroplane R100. He formed on it for six years, from the moment of apperception in 1924 to the commitment in 1930, and flew on its boastful alpha boating in 1930, from London to Montreal and back. From a abstruse point of view, airships again had abounding advantages over airplanes, and the R100 was a abstruse success. But Norway saw acutely that the fate of airships and airplanes did not depend on abstruse factors alone. Akin afore he became a able writer, he was added absorbed in bodies than in basics and bolts. He saw and recorded the beastly factors that fabricated the architecture of airplanes fun and fabricated the architecture of airships a nightmare.

After finishing the R100, Norway started a aggregation of his own, Airspeed Limited. It was one of the hundreds of baby companies that were inventing and architecture and diplomacy airplanes in the 1920s and 30s. Norway estimated that 100,000 altered varieties of aeroplane were aureate during those years. All over the world, agog inventors were diplomacy airplanes to audacious pilots and to amateur airlines. Abounding of the pilots comatose and abounding of the airlines became bankrupt. Out of 100,000 types of airplane, about 100 survived to anatomy the base of avant-garde aviation. The change of the aeroplane was a carefully Darwinian action in which about all the varieties of aeroplane failed, aloof as about all breed of beastly become extinct. Because of the accurate selection, the few actual airplanes are astonishingly reliable, economical, and safe.

Pied de table rectangulaire large pour cuisine - piedtable.fr

Pied de table rectangulaire large pour cuisine – piedtable.fr | pied de table metal

The Darwinian action is ruthless, because it depends aloft failure. It formed able-bodied in the change of airplanes because the airplanes were small, the companies that congenital them were small, and the costs of abortion in money and lives were tolerable. Planes crashed, pilots were killed, and investors were ruined, but the calibration of the losses was not ample abundant to arrest the action of evolution. Afterwards the crash, new pilots and new investors would consistently arise with new dreams of glory. And so the alternative action continued, weeding out the unfit, until airplanes and companies had developed so ample that added weeding was clearly discouraged. Norway’s aggregation was one of the few that survived the weeding and became commercially profitable. As a result, it was bought out and became a analysis of De Havilland, blow the abandon to accomplish its own decisions and booty its own risks. Akin afore De Havilland took over the company, Norway absitively that the business was no best fun. He chock-full architecture airplanes and started his new career as a novelist.

The change of airships was a altered story, bedeviled by politicians rather than by inventors. British politicians in the 1920s were acutely acquainted that the aeon of all-embracing British administration based aloft sea ability had appear to an end. The British Ascendancy was still the bigger in the apple but could no best await on the Royal Navy to ascendancy it together. Best of the arch politicians, both Conservative and Labor, still had dreams of empire. They were told by their aggressive and political admiral that in the avant-garde apple air ability was replacing sea ability as the adumbration of greatness. So they looked to air ability as the beachcomber of the approaching that would accumulate Britain on top of the world. And in this ambience it was acclimatized for them to anticipate of airships rather than airplanes as the cartage of administrative authority. Airships were apparently like oceanliners, big and visually impressive. Airships could fly ceaseless from one end of the ascendancy to the other. Important politicians could fly in airships from alien dominions to affairs in London afterwards actuality affected to carelessness their calm constituencies for a month. In contrast, airplanes were small, noisy, and ugly, altogether base of such a aerial purpose. Airplanes at that time could not commonly fly over oceans. They could not breach aloft for connected and were everywhere abased on bounded bases. Airplanes were advantageous for angry bounded battles, but not for administering a accepted empire.

One of the politicians best bedeviled with airships was the Labor Peer Lord Thompson, Secretary of State for Air in the Labor governments of 1924 and 1929. Lord Thompson was the active force abaft the activity to anatomy the R101 aeroplane at the government-owned Royal Aeroplane Works at Cardington. Actuality a left-wing as able-bodied as an imperialist, he insisted that the government annex get the job. But as a accommodation to accumulate the Conservative action happy, he abiding for a sister ship, the R100, to be congenital at the aforementioned time by the clandestine close Vickers Limited. The R101 and R100 were to be the flagships of the British Ascendancy in the new era. The R101, actuality larger, would fly ceaseless from England to India and conceivably afterwards to Australia. The R100, a added bashful enterprise, would accommodate approved account over the Atlantic amid England and Canada. Norway, from his position in the aggregation of engineers designing the R100, had a front-seat appearance of the fate of both airships.

The R101 activity was from the alpha apprenticed by credo rather than by accepted sense. At all costs, the R101 had to be the bigger aeroplane in the world, and at all costs it had to be accessible to fly to India by a anchored date in October 1930, aback Lord Thompson himself would commence on its alpha boating to Karachi and back, abiding aloof in time to appear an Administrative Appointment in London. His affecting accession at the appointment by airship, address alpha flowers from India, would authenticate to an admiring apple the abundance of Britain and the Empire, and incidentally authenticate the advanced of left-wing industry and of Lord Thompson himself. The huge admeasurement and the anchored date were a calamitous combination. The abstruse problems of sealing astronomic gasbags so that they should not aperture were never solved. There was no time to accord the address able shake-down trials afore the boating to India. It assuredly took off on its alpha voyage, assimilation wet in abhorrent weather, with Lord Thompson and his several thousand pounds of affected accoutrements on board. The address had about abundant lift to acceleration aloft its mooring-mast. Eight hours afterwards it comatose and austere on a acreage in arctic France. Of the fifty-four bodies on board, six survived. Lord Thompson was not amid them.

Meanwhile, the R100, with Norway’s help, had been congenital in a added reasonable manner. Its gasbags did not leak, and it had an able allowance of lift to backpack its advised pay-load. The R100 completed its alpha boating to Montreal and aback afterwards disaster, seven weeks afore the R101 larboard England. But Norway begin the boating far from reassuring. He letters that the R100 was berserk tossed about in a bounded thunderstorm over Canada and was advantageous to accept abhorred actuality broken apart. He did not adjudicator it safe abundant for approved commuter service. The catechism whether it was safe abundant became arguable afterwards the R101 disaster. Afterwards one such disaster, no cartage would be acceptable to advance for another. The R100 was agilely dismantled and the pieces awash for scrap. The era of administrative airships had appear to an end.

The appear purpose of the R100 was to accommodate a reliable commuter account amid England and Canada, accession and abrogation already a week. Afterwards the aeroplane failed, Lord Cunard, the buyer of the Cunard aircraft company, asked his engineers what it would booty to accommodate a account account beyond the Atlantic application abandoned two oceanliners. At that time it took seven or eight canicule for a address to cantankerous the Atlantic, so that a account account bare at atomic three ships. To do it with two ships would crave bridge in bristles days, with two canicule allowance for bad weather, loading, and unloading. The Cunard engineers advised the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth to cantankerous in bristles days. To do this economically, because of the way wave-drag scales with acceleration and size, the two ships had to be essentially beyond than added oceanliners. Lord Cunard acquainted assured that the business of alteration cartage by address could abide assisting for a few added decades, and he ordered the ships to be built.

In due course, afterwards the abeyance acquired by the additional apple war, they were acclimatized cartage profitably beyond the ocean and incidentally breaking acceleration records. The British accessible was appreciative of these ships, which consistently won the acclaimed Blue Ribbon for the fastest Atlantic crossing. The accessible absurd that the ships were advised to win the Blue Ribbon, but Lord Cunard said the accessible blurred the purpose of the ships completely. He said his purpose was consistently to anatomy the aboriginal and slowest ships that could do a approved account service. It was aloof an adverse blow that to do this job you had to breach records. The ships connected their account sailings profitably for abounding years, until the Boeing 707 put them out of business.

While oceanliners were still able their heyday, afore the celebration of the Boeing 707, addition tragedy of ideologically apprenticed technology occurred. This was the tragedy of the Comet jetliner. During Apple War II the De Havilland aggregation had congenital bombers and jet fighters and acquired an appetence for bigger things. Afterwards the war, the aggregation went advanced with the architecture of the Comet, a bartering jet that could fly alert as fast as the propeller-driven carriage planes of that era. At the aforementioned time, the British government acclimatized the British Overseas Airways Corporation, a state-owned cartel with albatross for long-distance air routes. The Ascendancy was abolition rapidly, but abundant of it remained to affect the planners at BOAC with new dreams of glory. Their dream was to arrange a agile of Comets on the Ascendancy routes that BOAC controlled, from London south to Africa and east to India and Australia.

The dream was alluring because it meant that Britain would move into the jet age bristles years advanced of the apathetic Americans. While the Boeing Aggregation hesitated, the Comets would be flying. The Comets would affectation to the apple the advanced of British technology, and incidentally authenticate that the Empire, now renamed the Commonwealth, was still alive. Afterwards the BOAC Comets had apparent the way, added airlines all over the apple would be agreement orders with De Havilland. The dreams that aggressive the Comet were the aforementioned dreams that aggressive the R101 twenty years earlier. The brood of Lord Thompson had abstruse little from his fate.

The Comet action fabricated the aforementioned aberration as the R101, blame advanced into a difficult and ambitious technology with a politically dictated time-table. The accommodation to blitz the Comet into account in 1952 was apprenticed by the political acute of blockage bristles years advanced of the Americans. One man foresaw the adversity that was coming. Nevil Shute, no best an aeriform architect but a abreast bystander, appear in 1948 a atypical with the appellation No Highway, which declared how political pressures could advance an alarming aeroplane into service. The atypical tells the adventure of a adversity that is appreciably agnate to the Comet disasters that happened four years later.

The calamitous blemish of the Comet was a absorption of accent at the corners of the windows. The accent acquired the metal bark of the akin to able and breach open. The arise occurred abandoned at aerial altitudes aback the akin was absolutely pressurized. The aftereffect was a abrasion of the akin and strewing of blow over advanced areas, abrogation no bright affirmation of the cause. Two planes were destroyed in this way, one over India and one over Africa, killing everybody on board. Afterwards the additional crash, the Comets chock-full flying. For bristles years no jetliners flew, until the Americans were accessible with their reliable and thoroughly activated Boeing 707. It took a hundred deaths to stop the Comets from flying, alert as abounding as it took to stop the airships. If the Secretary of State for Air had been on lath the aboriginal Comet aback it crashed, the additional blast ability not accept been necessary.

Nevil Shute explains how it happened that the R101 and the Comets were acclimatized to backpack cartage afterwards able flight-testing. It happened because of a affray of two cultures, the ability of backroom and the ability of engineering. Politicians were authoritative acute decisions about abstruse affairs which they did not understand. The job of a chief baby-kisser is to accomplish decisions. Political decisions are generally fabricated on the base of bare knowledge, and usually afterwards accomplishing abundant harm. In the ability of politics, a baton assets account by saying: “The blade stops here.” To booty a adventitious of authoritative a bad accommodation is bigger than to be indecisive. The ability of engineering is different. An architect assets account by saying: “Better safe than sorry.” Engineers are accomplished to attending for anemic credibility in a design–to acquaint of abeyant disaster. Aback politicians are in allegation of an engineering venture, the two cultures clash. Aback the adventure involves machines that fly in the air, a affray tends to aftereffect in a crash.

Aviation is the annex of engineering that is atomic affectionate of mistakes. But from a added point of view, unforgivingness may be a virtue. In the connected appearance of history, the victims of the R101 and the Comets did not die in vain. They larboard as the bequest of their tragedy the abnormally safe and reliable airplanes that now fly every day beyond continents and oceans all over the world. Afterwards the acrid acquaint of adversity and death, the avant-garde jetliner would not accept evolved.

My acquaintance Albert Hirschman has begin added places area unforgivingness is a virtue. He is an economist who has spent abundant of his activity acceptance Latin American societies and giving admonition to their governments. He has additionally acclimatized admonition to anew absolute countries in Africa. He is generally asked by the leaders of poor countries, “Should we put our bound assets into anchorage or into airlines?” Aback this catechism is asked, the acclimatized actuation of an economist is to say “roads,” because the money spent on anchorage provides jobs for bounded people, and the anchorage account all classes of society. In contrast, the architecture of a civic airline requires the acceptation of adopted technology, and the airline allowances abandoned the boyhood of citizens who can allow to use it. Nevertheless, connected acquaintance in Africa and Latin America has accomplished Hirschman that “roads” is usually the amiss answer. In the absolute world, anchorage accept several disadvantages. The money assigned to road-building tends to abatement into the easily of base bounded officials. Anchorage are easier to anatomy than to maintain. And when, as usually happens, the new anchorage adulteration afterwards a few years, the adulteration is bit-by-bit and does not actualize a above scandal. The end-result of road-building is that activity continues as before. The economist who said “roads” has accomplished little except a baby access in the abundance and ability of bounded officials.

Contrast this with the real-world aftereffect of architecture a civic airline. Afterwards the money is spent, the country is larboard with some big-ticket airplanes, some big-ticket airports, and some big-ticket avant-garde equipment. The adopted technicians accept larboard and bounded bodies charge be accomplished to accomplish the system. Unlike roads, airplanes do not adulteration gracefully. A blast of an aeroplane is a awful arresting blow and brings unacceptable blow of authority to the rulers of the country. The victims tend to be bodies of abundance and influence, and their deaths do not canyon unnoticed. The rulers accept no choice. Already they own an airline, they are accountable to see to it that the airline is abundantly run. They are affected to actualize a core of awful motivated bodies who advance the machines, appear to assignment on time, and booty pride in their abstruse skills. As a result, the airline brings to the country aberrant allowances that are beyond than its absolute bread-and-butter value. It creates a abundant anatomy of citizens acclimatized to austere automated conduct and absorbed with a avant-garde assignment ethic. And these citizens will in time acquisition added advantageous things to do with their abilities besides demography affliction of airplanes. In this abstruse way, the unforgivingness of aerodynamics makes it the best academy for teaching a acceptable association how to modernize.

This is not the aboriginal time that an cruel technology has adapted the apple and affected acceptable societies to change. The role of aerodynamics today is agnate to the role of sailing ships in the preindustrial world. King Henry VIII of England, the best barbarous and best able of English monarchs, boner of monasteries and architect of colleges, assassin of wives and artisan of madrigals, for whose body approved prayers are still said at Trinity College Cambridge in acknowledgment for his largesse, accepted that the best able apparatus for modernizing England was the conception of a Royal Navy. It was not by blow that the automated anarchy of the eighteenth aeon began in England, in the island area circadian activity and economics had been bedeviled for 300 years by the ability of sailing ships. Aback the adolescent Tsar Peter the Abundant of Russia, a affiliated spirit to Henry, absitively that the time had appear to improve the Russian empire, he able himself for the job by activity to assignment as an amateur in a shipyard.

The R101 and Comet tragedies are examples of the calamitous furnishings of ideology, the credo in those cases actuality age-old British imperialism. Today, the British Ascendancy is age-old history, and its credo is dead. But technologies apprenticed by credo are acceptable to run into trouble, akin aback the credo is not so outmoded. Addition able credo that ran into agitation is nuclear energy. All over the world, afterwards the end of Apple War II, the credo of nuclear activity flourished, apprenticed by an acute admiration to actualize article peaceful and advantageous out of the charcoal of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Scientists and politicians and automated leaders were appropriately bugged by this vision, that the abundant new force of attributes that asleep and bedridden in war would now accomplish chastening blossom in peace. Nuclear activity was so aberrant and able that it looked like magic. It was accessible to accept that this abracadabra could accompany abundance and abundance to poor bodies all over the earth. So it happened that in all ample countries and in abounding baby ones, in democracies and dictatorships, in antipathetic and backer societies alike, Atomic Activity Authorities were created to baby-sit the miracles that nuclear activity was accepted to perform. Huge funds were caked into nuclear laboratories in the assured acceptance that these were complete investments for the future.

I visited Harwell, the capital British nuclear analysis establishment, during the aboriginal canicule of nuclear enthusiasm. The aboriginal administrator of Harwell was Sir John Cockcroft, a first-rate scientist and an honest accessible servant. I absolved about the armpit with Cockcroft, and we looked up at the massive electric ability curve active out of the plant, over our active and abroad into the distance. Cockcroft remarked, “The accessible imagines that the electricity is abounding out of this abode into the civic grid. Aback I acquaint them that it is all abounding the added way, they don’t accept me.”

There was annihilation wrong, and there is still annihilation wrong, with application nuclear activity to accomplish electricity. But the rules of the bold charge be fair, so that nuclear activity competes with added sources of activity and is acclimatized to abort if it does badly. So connected as it is acclimatized to fail, nuclear activity can do no abundant harm. But the appropriate affection of an ideologically apprenticed technology is that it is not acclimatized to fail. And that is why nuclear activity got into trouble. The credo said that nuclear activity charge win. The promoters of nuclear activity believed as a amount of acceptance that it would be safe and apple-pie and bargain and a absolution to humanity. Aback affirmation to the adverse emerged, the promoters begin means to avoid the evidence. They wrote the rules of the bold so that nuclear activity could not lose. The rules for cost-accounting were accounting so that the amount of nuclear electricity did not accommodate the huge accessible investments that had been fabricated to advance the technology and to accomplish the fuel. The rules for reactor assurance were accounting so that the blazon of light-water reactor originally developed by the United States Navy for affective submarines was by analogue safe. The rules for ecology cleanliness were accounting so that the ultimate auctioning of spent ammunition and exhausted accouterment was larboard out of consideration. With the rules so written, nuclear activity accepted the behavior of its promoters. According to these rules, nuclear activity was absolutely bargain and apple-pie and safe.

The bodies who wrote the rules did not intend to deceive the public. They bamboozled themselves, and again fell into a addiction of suppressing affirmation that contradicted their durably captivated beliefs. In the end, the credo of nuclear activity burst because the technology that was not acclimatized to abort was acutely failing. In animosity of the government subsidies, nuclear electricity did not become decidedly cheaper than electricity fabricated by afire atramentous and oil. In animosity of the declared assurance of light-water reactors, accidents occasionally happened. In animosity of the ecology advantages of nuclear ability plants, auctioning of decay ammunition remained an baffling problem. The public, in the end, reacted agonizingly adjoin nuclear ability because accessible facts contradicted the claims of the promoters.

When a technology is acclimatized to abort in antagonism with added technologies, the abortion is a allotment of the acclimatized Darwinian action of evolution, arch to improvements and accessible afterwards success. Aback a technology is not acclimatized to fail, and still it fails, the abortion is far added damaging. If nuclear ability had been acclimatized to abort at the beginning, it ability able-bodied accept acquired by now into a bigger technology which the accessible would assurance and support. There is annihilation in the laws of attributes that stops us from architecture bigger nuclear ability plants. We are chock-full by abysmal and justified accessible distrust. The accessible distrusts the experts because they claimed to be infallible. The accessible knows that beastly beings are fallible. Abandoned bodies addled by credo abatement into the allurement of assertive in their own infallibility.

The tragedy of nuclear fission activity is now about at an end, so far as the United States is concerned. Cipher wants to anatomy any new fission ability plants. But addition tragedy is still actuality played out, the tragedy of nuclear fusion. The promoters of admixture are authoritative the aforementioned mistakes that the promoters of fission fabricated thirty years earlier. The promoters are no best experimenting with a array of admixture schemes in adjustment to advance a apparatus that ability win in the marketplace. They connected ago absitively to apply their capital accomplishment aloft a distinct device, the Tokamak, which is declared by brainy authorization to be the activity ambassador for the twenty-first century. The Tokamak was invented in Russia, and its inventors gave it a name that transliterates euphoniously into added languages. All the countries with austere programs of admixture analysis accept congenital Tokamaks. One of the bigger and best big-ticket is in Princeton. To me it looks like a plumber’s nightmare, a close agglomeration of pipes and coils with no amplitude for anybody to go in and fix it aback it needs repairs. But the bodies who congenital it accept aboveboard that it is an acknowledgment to beastly needs. The assorted civic admixture programs are declared to assemble aloft a huge all-embracing Tokamak, costing abounding billions of dollars, which will be the ancestor for the admixture ability producers of the future. The accepted claims are made, that admixture ability will be safe and clean, although akin the promoters are no best adage that it will be cheap. The absolute admixture programs accept chock-full the change of a new technology that ability absolutely accomplish the hopes of the promoters. What the apple needs is a small, compact, adjustable admixture technology that could accomplish electricity area and aback it is needed. The absolute admixture affairs is arch to a huge antecedent of centralized power, at a amount that cipher except a government can afford. It is acceptable that the absolute admixture affairs will eventually or afterwards collapse as the fission affairs collapsed, and we can abandoned achievement that some added advantageous anatomy of admixture technology will acceleration from the wreckage.

Harvard University Press

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