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Purchased in 2010 for $9.6 million, a new almanac for a arrangement sale, the aboriginal adaptation of Casanova’s amative account has accomplished the cachet of a French angelic relic. At least, accepting admission to its abundantly risqué pages is now a austere process, abundant with Old Apple pomp. Afterwards a diffuse accord to prove my credentials, I fabricated my way on a close afternoon to the oldest addition of the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris, a affected Baroque building on rue de Richelieu abreast the Louvre. Aural those all-powerful halls, congenital about a brace of ancien régime aloof mansions, I waited by marble statues of the greats of French literature, Rousseau, Molière and Voltaire, afore actuality led through a domed account allowance abounding with advisers into the clandestine atelier of the library offices. Afterwards traipsing up and bottomward amaranthine stairwells and half-lit corridors, I was eventually built-in in a appropriate account allowance overlooking a bean courtyard. Here, Marie-Laure Prévost, the arch babysitter of the arrangement department, ceremoniously presented two atramentous archival boxes on the board board afore me.

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Los tremendos de chimalhuacan en salon de san lorenzo – YouTube | salon de san lorenzo

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As I agilely scanned the elegant, absolute calligraphy in aphotic amber ink, however, the air of academism bound vanished. Madame Prévost, a active woman in a gray bodice and bittersweet jacket, could not abide account how the arch of the library, Bruno Racine, had catholic to a abstruse affair in a Zurich airport alteration lounge in 2007 to aboriginal glimpse the document, which ran to some 3,700 pages and had been hidden abroad in clandestine easily aback Casanova died in 1798. The French government promptly declared its ambition to admission the allegorical pages, although it took some two and a bisected years afore an bearding benefactor stepped advanced to acquirement them for la patrie. “The arrangement was in admirable action aback it accustomed here,” said Prévost. “The affection of the cardboard and the ink is excellent. It could acquire been accounting yesterday.

“Look!” She captivated up one of the pages to the window light, absolute a characteristic watermark—two hearts touching. “We don’t apperceive if Casanova advisedly chose this or it was a blessed accident.”

This civil analysis of the arrangement would acquire adequate Casanova enormously. Aback he died, he had no abstraction whether his magnum composition would alike be published. Aback it assuredly emerged in 1821 alike in a heavily censored version, it was denounced from the belvedere and placed on the Vatican’s Index of Prohibited Books. By the backward 19th century, aural this aforementioned breastwork of French culture, the Civic Library, several luridly illustrated editions were kept in a appropriate buffet for adulterous books, alleged L’Enfer, or the Hell. But today, it seems, Casanova has assuredly become respectable. In 2011, several of the manuscript’s pages—by turns hilarious, ribald, provocative, boastful, self-mocking, philosophical, breakable and occasionally still shocking—were displayed to the attainable for the aboriginal time in Paris, with diplomacy for the exhibition to biking to Venice this year. In addition arcane first, the library is announcement all 3,700 pages online, while a abundant new 12-volume copy is actuality able with Casanova’s corrections included. A French government agency has all-powerful the account a “national treasure,” alike admitting Casanova was built-in in Venice. “French was the accent of intellectuals in the 18th aeon and he capital as advanced readership as possible,” said babysitter Corinne Le Bitouzé. “He lived abundant of his activity in Paris, and admired the French spirit and French literature. There are ‘Italianisms’ in his style, yes, but his use of the French accent was arresting and revolutionary. It was not bookish but alive.”

Los tremendos de chimalhuacan en salon de san lorenzo - YouTube - salon de san lorenzo

It’s absolutely an approval for a man who has generally been absolved as a barmy animal adventurer, a cad and a wastrel. The flurry of absorption surrounding Casanova—and the amazing amount tag for his work—provide an befalling to amend one of Europe’s best alluring and blurred figures. Casanova himself would acquire acquainted this connected overdue. “He would acquire been afraid to ascertain that he is remembered aboriginal as a abundant lover,” says Tom Vitelli, a arch American Casanovist, who contributes consistently to the all-embracing bookish account adherent to the writer, L’Intermédiaire des Casanovistes. “Sex was allotment of his story, but it was accidental to his absolute arcane aims. He alone presented his adulation activity because it gave a window assimilate animal nature.”

Today, Casanova is so amidst by allegory that abounding bodies about acquire he was a fabulous character. (Perhaps it’s adamantine to booty actively a man who has been portrayed by Tony Curtis, Donald Sutherland, Heath Ledger and alike Vincent Price, in a Bob Hope comedy, Casanova’s Big Night.) In fact, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova lived from 1725 to 1798, and was a far added bookish amount than the bawdy playboy portrayed on film. He was a accurate Enlightenment polymath, whose abounding achievements would put the brand of Hugh Hefner to shame. He hobnobbed with Voltaire, Catherine the Great, Benjamin Franklin and apparently Mozart; survived as a gambler, an astrologer and spy; translated The Iliad into his Venetian dialect; and wrote a science fiction novel, a proto-feminist announcement and a ambit of algebraic treatises. He was additionally one of history’s abundant travelers, crisscrossing Europe from Madrid to Moscow. And yet he wrote his allegorical memoir, the innocuously alleged Adventure of My Life, in his bankrupt old age, while animate as a librarian (of all things!) at the abstruse Alcazar Dux, in the mountains of Bohemia in the modern-day Czech Republic. 

No below doubtful than the man’s activity is the amazing adaptation of the arrangement itself. Casanova ancestral it on his deathbed to his nephew, whose birth awash it 22 years afterwards to a German publisher, Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus of Leipzig. For about 140 years, the Brockhaus ancestors kept the aboriginal below lock and key, while publishing alone bowdlerized editions of the memoir, which were afresh pirated, access and mistranslated. The Brockhaus close bound scholars’ admission to the aboriginal document, acceding some requests but axis bottomward others, including one from the admired Austrian biographer Stefan Zweig.

The arrangement able abolition in Apple War II in a adventure aces of John le Carré. In 1943, a absolute hit by an Allied bomb on the Brockhaus offices larboard it unscathed, so a ancestors affiliate pedaled it on a bike beyond Leipzig to a coffer aegis vault. Aback the U.S. Army active the burghal in 1945, alike Winston Churchill inquired afterwards its fate. Unearthed intact, the arrangement was transferred by American barter to Wiesbaden to be reunited with the German owners. Alone in 1960 was the aboriginal uncensored copy published, in French. The English copy accustomed in 1966, aloof in time for the animal revolution—and absorption in Casanova has alone developed since.

“It’s such an agreeable argument on so abounding levels!” says Vitelli. “It’s a admirable point of admission into the abstraction of the 18th century. Actuality we acquire a Venetian, autograph in Italian and French, whose ancestors lives in Dresden and who ends up in Dux, in German-speaking Bohemia. He offers admission to a faculty of a ample European culture.” The account teems with absurd characters and incidents, best of which historians acquire been able to verify. Apart from the added than 120 belled adulation diplomacy with countesses, milkmaids and nuns, which booty up about a third of the book, the account includes escapes, duels, swindles, stagecoach journeys, arrests and diplomacy with royals, gamblers and mountebanks. “It’s the West’s Thousand and One Nights,” declared Madame Prévost.

Even today, some episodes still acquire the ability to accession eyebrows, abnormally the following of actual boyish girls and an breach of incest. But Casanova has been forgiven, decidedly amid the French, who point out that attitudes accursed today were acceptable in the 18th century. “The moral acumen never came up,” Racine told a columnist appointment aftermost year. “We neither acquire nor adjudge his behavior.” Babysitter Le Bitouzé feels his abusive acceptability is undeserved, or at atomic one-dimensional. “Yes, he absolutely generally behaved abominably with women, but at added times he showed absolute consideration,” she said. “He approved to acquisition husbands for his aloft lovers, to accommodate them with assets and protection. He was an abiding seducer, and his absorption was never absolutely sexual. He didn’t adore actuality with English prostitutes, for example, because with no accepted language, he couldn’t allocution to them!” Scholars, meanwhile, now acquire him as a man of his time. “The avant-garde appearance of The Adventure of My Activity is to attention it as a assignment of literature,” says Vitelli. “It’s apparently the greatest adventures anytime written. In its scope, its size, the affection of its prose, it’s as alpha today as aback it aboriginal appeared.”  

Sanlorenzo unveils the new 7Alloy: endless solutions - News

Sanlorenzo unveils the new 7Alloy: endless solutions – News | salon de san lorenzo

Tracing Casanova’s real-life adventure is not a aboveboard quest. He obsessively abhorred entanglements, never married, kept no abiding home and had no accurately accustomed children. But there abide alluring vestiges of his accurate attendance in the two locations that mark the bookends of his life— Venice, area he was born, and the Alcazar Dux, now alleged Duchcov, in the alien Czech countryside area he died.

And so I began by prowling the Rialto, aggravating to locate one of Casanova’s few accepted addresses active about in Venice’s amazing bewilderment of Baroque laneways. Few added cities in Europe are so physically complete from the 18th century, aback Venice was the corrupt capital of East and West. The abridgement of automatic cartage allows the acuteness to run freely, abnormally in the evening, aback the drove of tourists eases and the alone complete is the lapping of baptize forth the apparitional canals. But that doesn’t beggarly you can consistently clue bottomward the past. In fact, one of the paradoxes of this adventuresome burghal is that its association about bless its best acclaimed son, as if they were abashed of his alone ways. (“Italians acquire an cryptic attitude against Casanova,” Le Bitouzé had told me. “He larboard Venice, and he wrote in French.” Kathleen Gonzalez, who is autograph a walking adviser to Casanova sites in Venice, says, “Even best Italians mostly alone apperceive the burlesque of Casanova, which is not a accountable of pride.”)

The alone canonizing is a bean applique on the bank of the atomic laneway Calle Malipiero in the San Samuele district, declaring that Casanova was built-in actuality in 1725 to two bankrupt actors—although in which abode cipher knows, and it may alike acquire been about the corner. It was additionally in this adjacency that Casanova, while belief for a career in the abbey at the age of 17, absent his virginity to two aloof boyish sisters, Nanetta and Marta Savorgnan. He begin himself alone with the adventuresome brace one night administration two bottles of wine and a barbecue of smoked meat, aliment and Parmesan cheese, and innocent boyish amateur escalated into a connected night of “ever assorted skirmishes.” The adventuresome triangle connected for years, alpha a constant adherence to women. “I was built-in for the sex adverse to mine,” he wrote in the alpha of his memoir. “I acquire consistently admired it and done all that I could to accomplish myself admired by it.” His adventuresome tales are spiced with astonishing descriptions of food, perfumes, art and fashion: “Cultivating whatever gave amusement to my senses was consistently the arch business of my life,” he wrote.

For a added evocative glimpse of Casanova’s Venice, one can appointment the aftermost of the old bàcaros, or bars, Cantina do Spade, which Casanova wrote about visiting in his youth, aback he had alone out of both the clergy and the aggressive and was eking out a active as a violin amateur with a assemblage of awkward friends. Today, Do Spade is one of the best atmospheric confined in Venice, hidden in an alleyway that is about two amateur wide. Aural the aphotic board interior, aged men sip ablaze wine from tiny glasses at 11 on a Sunday morning and crumb cicchetti, acceptable delicacies such as broiled cod on crackers, blimp calamari and beefy absurd olives. On one wall, a folio affected from a history book anxiously recounts Casanova’s appointment actuality during the carnival celebrations of 1746. (He and his accompany tricked a appealing boyish woman into cerebration that her bedmate was in danger, and that he could be adored alone if she aggregate her favors with them. The certificate capacity how the accumulation “conducted the boyish adult to Do Spade area they dined and advantaged their desires with her all night, afresh accompanied her aback home.” Of this base conduct, Casanova remarked casually, “We had to beam afterwards she thanked us as bluntly and aboveboard as possible”—an archetype of his alertness to appearance himself, at times, in the affliction attainable light.)

It was not far from actuality that Casanova’s activity was transformed, at age 21, aback he adored a affluent Venetian agent afterwards an apoplectic fit. The beholden noble, Don Matteo Bragadin, around adopted the absorbing boyish man and showered him with funds, appropriately acceptance him to animate like a playboy aristocrat, abrasion accomplished clothes, action and conduct aerial association affairs. The few descriptions and actual portraits of Casanova affirm that in his prime, he was an arty presence, over six anxiety tall, with a black “North African” appearance and a arresting nose. “My bill was an dizzying self-esteem,” Casanova addendum in his account of his active self, “which affliction forbade me to doubt.” Few women could resist. One of his best acclaimed seductions was of a ravishing, noble-born nun he identifies alone as “M.M.” (Historians acquire articular her as, best likely, Marina Morosini.) Active by gondola from her abbey on Murano Island to a abstruse affluence apartment, the boyish adult “was afraid to acquisition herself acceptant to so abundant pleasure,” Casanova recalls, “for I showed her abounding things she had advised fictions…and I accomplished her that the aboriginal coercion boodle the greatest pleasures.” The long-running affair blossomed into a ménage à trois aback M.M.’s earlier lover, the French ambassador, abutting their encounters, afresh to à quatre aback they were abutting by addition boyish nun, C.C. (most acceptable Caterina Capretta).

Which palazzo Casanova active in his prime is the accountable of active debate. Aback in Paris, I paid a appointment to one of Casanova’s best agog fans, who claims to acquire purchased Casanova’s Venetian home—the appearance artist Pierre Cardin. Now age 89, Cardin has alike produced a agreeable ball based on Casanova’s life, which has been performed in Paris, Venice and Moscow, and he has created an anniversary arcane award-winning for European writers—the Casanova Award. “Casanova was a abundant writer, a abundant traveler, a abundant rebel, a abundant provocateur,” Cardin told me in his office. “I acquire consistently admired his destructive spirit.” (Cardin is absolutely a beneficiary of absolute acreage accompanying to arcane underdogs, accepting additionally purchased the Marquis de Sade’s alcazar in Provence.)

I assuredly begin Cardin’s Ca’Bragadin on the attenuated Calle della Regina. It absolutely provides an affectionate glimpse of the awe-inspiring affairs of Venice’s 18th-century nobility, which lived in amplitude as the Republic’s ability gradually waned. The aged caretaker, Piergiorgio Rizzo, led me into a garden courtyard, area Cardin had placed a avant-garde touch, a plexiglass gondola that glowed a bubble of colors. Stairs led up to the piano nobile, or blue-blooded level, a admirable accession anteroom with marble floors and chandeliers. In a blurred alcove, Signor Rizzo produced a decayed key and opened the aperture to a aged mezzanino—a half-floor that, Cardin had told me, Casanova generally acclimated for trysts. (Cardin says that this was accepted by Venetian historians aback he purchased the palazzo in 1980, admitting some advisers acquire afresh argued that the abode was endemic by addition annex of the illustrious Bragadin family, and that its use by Casanova was “somewhat unlikely.”)

Casanova’s charmed activity went afield one hot July night in 1755, aloof afterwards his 30th birthday, aback badge access into his bedroom. In a association whose excesses were alternately advantaged and controlled, he had been singled out by the Venetian Inquisition’s spies for case as a cardsharp, a con man, a Freemason, an astrologer, a cabbalist and a blasphemer (possibly in backfire for his attentions to one of the Inquisitor’s mistresses). He was accursed for an bearding appellation in the bastille beef accepted as the Leads, in the attic of the Doge’s Palace. There, Casanova languished for 15 months, until he fabricated a adventuresome breach through the roof with a ashamed monk, the alone inmates anytime to escape. Today, the palace’s afflictive autogenous accommodation can be visited on the alleged Itinerari Segreti, or Abstruse Tour, on which baby groups are led through a hidden bank panel, casual through the Inquisition’s balloon and ache apartment afore extensive the beef that Casanova already aggregate with “rats big as rabbits.” Standing in one of these beef is the best accurate affiliation to the writer’s activity in the atramentous apple of Venice.

His escape fabricated Casanova a accessory celebrity in the courts of Europe, but it additionally heralded his aboriginal banishment from Venice, which lasted 18 years. Now his career as a traveling charlatan began in earnest. One committed Casanovist has tracked his movements and discerned that he covered about 40,000 afar in his lifetime, mostly by stagecoach forth arduous 18th-century roads. Styling himself the “Chevalier de Seingalt” (Casanova was the ultimate self-invented man), he fabricated his affluence by devising a civic action arrangement in Paris, afresh blown it acquaintance the bank houses of London, the arcane salons of Geneva and the bordellos of Rome. He conducted a bound in Poland (both men were wounded) and met Frederick the Abundant in Prussia, Voltaire in Switzerland and Catherine the Abundant in St. Petersburg, all the while romancing an arrangement of apart absent women, such as the philosophy-loving niece of a Swiss Protestant pastor, “Hedwig,” and her accessory “Helena.” (Of his cursory passions, he observes in his memoir, “There is a beatitude which is absolute and absolute as connected as it lasts; it is transient, but its end does not abate its accomplished actuality and anticipate he who has accomplished it from canonizing it.”)

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File:Basilica di San Lorenzo, looking toward the altar.jpg | salon de san lorenzo

The access of average age, however, would booty its assessment on Casanova’s aphotic acceptable looks and animal prowess, and the adolescent beauties he admired began to antipathy his advances. His aplomb was aboriginal burst at age 38 aback a lovely, 17-year-old London coquette alleged Marie Anne Genevieve Augspurgher, alleged La Charpillon, addled him for weeks and afresh abominable him. (“It was on that baleful day…that I began to die.”) The adventuresome humiliations connected beyond Europe. “The ability to amuse at aboriginal sight, which I had so connected bedevilled in such measure, was alpha to abort me,” he wrote.

In 1774, at the age of 49, Casanova assuredly acquired a absolution from the Inquisition and alternate to his admired Venice—but added querulous, he wrote a banter that affronted able abstracts and was affected to abscond the burghal afresh nine years later. This additional and final banishment from Venice is a agitating account of decline. Aging, weary and abbreviate of cash, Casanova drifted from one of his aloft European haunts to the next, with attenuate aerial credibility such as a affair with Benjamin Franklin in Paris in 1783. (They discussed gasbag balloons.) His affairs bigger aback he became secretary to the Venetian agent in Vienna, which took him on approved journeys to Prague, one of the best adult and catholic cities in Europe. But aback his angel died in 1785, Casanova was larboard alarmingly adrift. (“Fortune scorns old age,” he wrote.) About bankrupt at age 60, he was answerable to acquire a position as librarian to Count Joseph Waldstein, a boyish blueblood (and adolescent Freemason) who lived in Bohemia, in Alcazar Dux, about 60 afar arctic of Prague. It was, to say the least, a comedown.

Today, if anywhere in Europe qualifies as the end of the world, it may be Duchcov (pronounced dook-soff), as the boondocks of Dux in the Czech Republic is now known. A two-hour alternation adventure took me into the atramentous mining mountains forth the German bound afore depositing me in what appeared to be wilderness. I was the alone commuter on the aged platform. The air was abundant with the aroma of burnt coal. It seemed below a acceptable abode for Casanova than Kafka.

There was no busline into town, so I trudged for bisected an hour through alone apartment projects to the alone lodgings, the Hotel Casanova, and had coffee at the alone beanery I could find, the Café Casanova. The celebrated centermost angry out to be a few austere streets lined with alone mansions, their heraldic crests crumbling over splintered doors. Drunks anesthetized me by, blubbering to themselves. Old women abrupt appallingly out of a butcher’s shop.

Castle Dux, set abaft adamant gates abutting to the boondocks square, was a acceptable sight. The Baroque chateau, home to the Waldstein ancestors for centuries, is still arresting admitting decades of Communist-era neglect. A board aperture was answered by the director, Marian Hochel, who resides in the alcazar year-round. Sporting a amber bristles and cutting a duck-egg-blue shirt and blooming scarf, he looked added like an Off Broadway ambassador than a building chief.

“Casanova’s activity actuality in Duchcov was actual lonely,” Hochel told me as we confused through the castle’s unheated rooms, captivated in our overcoats. “He was an eccentric, an Italian, he didn’t allege German, so he couldn’t acquaint with people. He was additionally a man of the world, so Duchcov was actual baby for him.” Casanova able aback he could to the adjacent spa boondocks of Teplice and fabricated excursions to Prague, area he could appear the opera and accommodated luminaries such as Mozart’s librettist, Lorenzo Da Ponte, and about absolutely Mozart himself. But Casanova fabricated abounding enemies in Duchcov, and they fabricated his activity miserable. Count Waldstein catholic constantly, and the affronted old librarian fought with the added staff—even over how to baker pasta. Villagers taunted him. Already he was addled while walking in town.

It was a afflictive aftermost act for the crumbling bon vivant, and he became depressed to the point of advertent suicide. In 1789, his doctor appropriate that he address his memoirs to avoid off melancholy. Casanova threw himself into the task, and the analysis worked. He told his acquaintance Johann Ferdinand Opiz, in a 1791 letter, that he wrote for 13 hours a day, bedlam the accomplished time: “What amusement in canonizing one’s pleasures! It amuses me because I am inventing nothing.”

In this activated solitude, the old roué mined his affluent bond of acquaintance to aftermath the all-inclusive Adventure of My Activity while advancement a abundant accord to accompany all over Europe—an enviable achievement for any writer. His joie de vivre is catching on the page, as are his darker observations. “His ambition was to actualize an honest account of the animal condition,” says Vitelli. “His bluntness is unsparing, abnormally about his accident of admiral as he ages, which is still attenuate in books today. He is acceptable about his disappointments, and how sad his activity became.” As Casanova put it: “Worthy or not, my activity is my subject, and my accountable is my life.”

The arrangement ends in mid-adventure—in fact, mid-sentence—when Casanova is 49 and visiting Trieste. Cipher knows absolutely why. It appears that he planned to end his anecdotal afore he angry 50, when, he felt, he accomplished adequate life, but was disconnected aback recopying the final draft. Casanova had additionally accustomed account in Duchcov in 1797 that his admired Venice had been captured by Napoleon, which seemed to bake his wanderlust. He was planning a adventure home aback he fell ill from a branch infection.

SAN LORENZO PLACE 7F by LARICO, Manila – Updated 7 Prices

SAN LORENZO PLACE 7F by LARICO, Manila – Updated 7 Prices | salon de san lorenzo

Hochel angle his alien alcazar as a arcane altar with a mission. “Everyone in the apple knows the name of Casanova, but it is a actual clichéd view,” he said. “It’s our activity to assemble a new angel of him as an intellectual.” Using old diplomacy of the castle, his agents has been abiding paintings and aged appliance to their aboriginal positions and has broadcast a baby Casanova building that was created in the 1990s. To ability it, we followed alveolate bean corridors into the “guest wing,” our animation arresting in the icy air. Casanova’s bedroom, his home for 13 years, was as algid as a meat locker. Portraits of his abounding acclaimed acquaintances adorned the walls aloft a replica of his bed. But the award-winning display is the frayed armchair in which, Waldstein ancestors attitude holds, Casanova asleep in 1798, blubbering (improbably), “I lived as a philosopher and die as a Christian.” A distinct red rose is laid aloft it—sadly artificial. The black atmosphere was somewhat adulterated in the abutting room, area a book-lined bank electronically opened to acknowledge a copy of Casanova dressed in 18th-century apparel angled over a board with a quill.

“Of course, this is not area Casanova absolutely wrote,” Hochel confided. “But the old library is off-limits to the public.” As black fell, we climbed over architecture poles and acrylic cans on the annular stairs of the South Tower. In the 18th century, the library had been a distinct ample chamber, but it was burst up into abate apartment in the Communist era and is now acclimated mainly for storage. As the wind howled through cracks in the walls, I anxiously best my way through a accumulating of arenaceous aged chandeliers to ability the window and glimpse Casanova’s view.

“The alcazar is a mystical abode for a acute person,” Hochel said. “I acquire heard noises. One night, I saw the ablaze angry on—in Casanova’s bedroom.”

Before leaving, we went aback to a apprehensive gift store, area I purchased a coffee mug with a photograph of two actors in 18th-century apparel and a logo in Czech: “Virgins or widows, appear breakfast with Casanova!” Well, you can’t breach a 200-year-old cliché overnight.

My aftermost stop was the abbey of St. Barbara, area a book anchored in the bank bears Casanova’s name. In 1798, he was active in its cemetery below a board marker, but the area was absent in the aboriginal 19th aeon aback it was angry into a park. The book was carved in 1912 to accord admirers article to attending at. It was a allegorical angle point to reflect on Casanova’s following fame, which reads like a apologue on the vagaries of activity and art. “Casanova was a accessory appearance while he was alive,” Vitelli says. “He was the abortion of his family. His two adolescent brothers [who were painters] were added famous, which affronted him. If he had not accounting his astonishing memoir, he about absolutely would acquire been abandoned actual quickly.”

The few Czechs who apperceive about Casanova’s advantageous years in Bohemia are absent that his arrangement has been proclaimed a French civic treasure. “I acquire it is actual able-bodied placed in the Civic Library in Paris for aegis and conservation,” said Marie Tarantová, archivist at the State Regional Archive in Prague, area Casanova’s abundance of belletrist and papers, which were adored by the Waldstein family, are now kept. “But Casanova wasn’t French, he wasn’t Venetian, he wasn’t Bohemian—he was a man of all Europe. He lived in Poland. He lived in Russia. He lived in Spain. Which country the arrangement concluded up in is in absoluteness unimportant.”

Perhaps the memoir’s online presence, attainable from Mumbai to Melbourne, is his best memorial. Casanova has become added catholic than ever.

Tony Perrottet is the columnist of The Sinner’s Admirable Tour: A Adventure Through the Historical Underbelly of Europe.

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